A 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act Canoe Trip

by Paul Danicic, Executive Director

Last month, on the 50th anniversary of the day President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act, I was on trail in the Boundary Waters Wilderness with a group of people I did not know. We were all there to celebrate our country’s creation of wilderness areas, discuss what [...]

Rescue shows heroism, provides opportunity for reflection

A recent rescue of eight canoeists from Basswood Lake after their canoes capsized in high winds was a scary episode that ended as well as it could. We’re very glad that nobody was hurt in this incident, and we think there’s great value in using it as an opportunity to reflect on smart wilderness travel [...]

The many rewards of wilderness besides beauty and solitude

Women in the BWCAW on a 1965 Outward Bound trip.

Photo by Maxine Smith

Forty-seven years ago, the first group of women ever to participate in an Outward Bound program in the Boundary Waters learned just what they capable of doing. A recent article about their planned reunion in Ely this week is not just an entertaining story of discovering the wilderness, but finding [...]

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