Amy and Dave Freeman Complete Incredible Paddle to DC

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.12.56 PM

After 100 days of paddling, sailing and portaging from Ely, on December 3rd, Amy and Dave Freeman completed their quest to deliver their petition canoe “Sig” to Washington D.C. From the shores of Birch Lake, the Freemans paddled through the BWCA, portaged across the Grand Portage, sailed down the north shore to Duluth, across Lake [...]

Many questions but few answers about mineral exploration impacts

Map showing state mineral leases in northern Minnesota as of August 2012

As the state sells off another round of mineral leases, information for the public is hard to come by. [...]

Land exchange legislation would harm Superior National Forest

Two writers have written excellent articles recently which examine Rep. Chip Cravaack’s legislation which would push through an exchange of state land inside the Boundary Waters for land managed by the Superior National Forest outside the wilderness.

David Lien, the Grand Rapids native and co-chair of Minnesota Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, penned a column in [...]

Ely newspaper columnist calls for sulfide mining caution

The Timberjay newspaper’s columnist Nancy Jo Tubbs has published a thoughtful article calling for Twin Metals, PolyMet and other companies proposing new sulfide mines in northern Minnesota to prove that they can operate without polluting.

Wisconsin is the poster-child for study and caution with its “Prove it First” law, which requires companies to pass a [...]

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine features sulfide mining story

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine cover

The popular Department of Natural Resources magazine “Minnesota Conservation Volunteer” recently addressed the debate over sulfide mining proposals in northern Minnesota. The article, written by Duluth News Tribune reporter John Myers, looks at the economic potential of the minerals and the environmental concerns:

“We’re talking about a copper range here that will rival or perhaps [...]

Legislation could exempt PolyMet and other sulfide mine proposals from environmental review

Rep. Chip Cravaack has introduced an amendment to legislation being debated in the U.S. House of Representatives today which would seriously hinder citizen oversight of mining proposals on public lands.

H.R. 4402 is a dangerous bill seeking to allow mine projects to be exempted from the National Environmental Policy Act and other key laws which [...]

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