Video: Macalester College Student On BWCA

Mining Concerns 40 years Later

Last week an article in the Duluth News Tribune was released which focused on the words of Sigurd F. Olson. The quote was written some 42 years ago, and examined the threat of mining. Unfortunately, not much has changed, making these words more relevant than ever.

Local view: Sulfide mining threatens BWCAW “Today when [...]

Residents of Arizona not Convinced about Sulfide Mining

Sulfide mining currently threatens other states like Arizona. Similarly to Minnesota, these projects could dramatically impact their tourism industry and water resources. This recent article from the economist explores the pros and cons these operations.

Copper-mining: A boom too far?

Some locals are ecstatic. Others are wary, especially since they fear new mining could derail [...]

Catching the Lights

Northern Minnesota has always offered a great opportunity to witness the brilliant solar phenomenon known as the northern lights. As solar activity begins to increase, so does the opportunity to observe the aurora borealis. Brian Peterson of the Star Tribune explains where to go, and how to capture it using digital photography.

Watch the video [...]

Efforts to Reduce Air Pollution Get Caught in a Haze

Air quality and visibility in northern Minnesota is impaired by gases released as a result of taconite mining operations. As the state develops a plan to address this issue, mining companies claim the regulations will reduce or even halt production. Others believe the rules will be too weak, and won’t effectively reduce the [...]

Hug a Ranger?

Writer and Iron Range resident Aaron J. Brown explains and explores his new marketing plan “Hug a Ranger”. Awkward hugs can’t save northern Minnesota

I’ve got two problems. One, I hate hugging. Especially stranger hugging. Pretty girl hugging is nice, but still awkward for me. And I’m married, so really I could divest myself of [...]

Pequaywan Township says no to sulfide mining

During their annual meeting, Pequaywan Township voted against the current proposed sulfide mining plans. Instead, they request that the state implement a “prove it first” law. This law will help ensure minimal environmental damage will occur as a result of sulfide mining.

Pequaywan Township resolution cold to copper mining

After discussion at the annual township [...]

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