Full Moon Magic

by Gary Clements

I was 22 then. She was 20. Now I’m 72. She’s 70.

Here’s how it happened.

Like a sentinel pine, it takes time to grow…

Through the early and mid 1960s, I was a counselor at St. Paul YMCA Camp Widjiwagan, located near Ely, and led small [...]

The Rest Is History

by Emily E. Bredon

I was already in love with John when I first brought him to the Boundary Waters Wilderness. Of course, I hadn’t told him that yet. That came later. However, on that very first trip and without words, John and I formed a deep connection that surpassed any other we had [...]

Fish Hook

by Stephanie

Unlike some love stories, this one didn’t exactly start in the BWCA. Stephen and I had been seeing each other a few months when we decided to spend a week in northern paradise–just the two of us. I’d guided a few trips with large groups before, but he had never been. [...]

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