The BWCA Bar Trivia Challenge


On Wednesday, July 15, Indeed Brewing hosted the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness in their taproom as part of their “Indeed We Can” program. It works like this: Indeed employees nominate their favorite non-profit organizations to receive the proceeds from the taproom every Wednesday evening, and that nonprofit gets to feature their work. We’re grateful that we were nominated and we had a great time talking to folks about our work keeping the Boundary Waters wild and protected forever.

As part of the festivities, there were two sessions of Boundary Waters Wilderness bar trivia. We had some strong competition in each session, with just one point separating the top three teams. Here are the winners:


     Game #1 (out of 40 points)

  1. Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers 28
  2. Air, Water, Bread Dough 27
  3. Abstract Feather 26

Game #2 (out of 40 points)

  1. An Album Cover 30
  2. Canoewering 29
  3. All American Woodcocks 28

If you missed it, keep an eye out for future events like this. Folks had a good time and learned something about the Boundary Waters by playing. If you think you can do better than our champions, here’s your chance. Take the quiz below. We gave 2 points for the exact answer, and 1 point for a partial or nearly correct answer. Here’s Game #1, can you beat the Yellow Bellied Sapsuckers score of 28? The answers are below, but cheaters never win, so no peeking!

  1. The highest point in Minnesota is located in the BWCA, what is its name?
  2. What is the maximum number of watercraft permitted in a single group in the Boundary Waters?
  3. What is the largest and deepest lake located in the BWCA? (Hint: it is not entirely within the BWCA boundaries)
  4. Name two officially designated hiking trails in the BWCA Wilderness.
  5. What is the most popular overnight paddling entry point to the Boundary Waters Wilderness by number of entry permits per day?
  6. Who was the last permanent human resident of the BWCA Wilderness?
  7. What is the least popular BWCA wilderness overnight paddling entry point from among these choices? Crocodile River, Angleworm Lake, North Fowl Lake, Mudro Lake
  8. Which Forest Service scientist retired so that be could lobby to protect the BWCA as a wilderness area in the 1970s?
  9. How many rods are in a mile?
  10. How long are you permitted to stay in the BWCA after you have entered?
  11. Which one of these is not a waterfall located in the BWCA? Curtain Falls, Basswood Falls, High Falls of the Pigeon River, Johnson Falls
  12. What is the oldest, still operating resort on the Gunflint Trail?
  13. According to the Leave No Trace video shown to BWCA visitors, how far away from the shoreline are you supposed to bathe, wash dishes, or dig a cathole?
  14. Which wilderness advocate was hung in effigy outside of Ely Junior High School in 1977?
  15. Which portage along the border route divides the Rainy River and Lake Superior watersheds?
  16. The Wilderness Act created the National Wilderness Preservation System, of which the BWCAW is part. In what year was the Wilderness Act passed?
  17. Which bird found in the BWCA is commonly known as the Whiskeyjack or “Camp Robber”?
  18. On what date (the actual, precise date) did the infamous “Boundary Water Blowdown” storm happen?
  19. True or false, the Boundary Waters is bigger than Quetico Provincial Park.
  20. Which of the following items are allowed in the BWCA wilderness? Stand-up paddle boards, Sails, Portage wheels, Drones

TIEBREAKER: How many lakes 10 acres in size and larger are in the BWCA?

(Answers below)









  1. Eagle Mountain – elevation 2,301 feet.
  2. 4
  3. Saganaga
  4. Any two of Border Route, Angleworm, Kekekabic, Pow Wow, Sioux Hustler, Big Moose Lake Trail, Disappointment, Eagle Mountain, Herriman Lake, Norway, South Lake, Snowbank
  5. Moose Lake
  6. Dorothy Molter
  7. Crocodile River
  8. Miron (Bud) Heinselman
  9. 320
  10. No limit (as long as you can stay in, 14 day limit at a specific campsite)
  11. High Falls of the Pigeon River (in Grand Portage State Park)
  12. Clearwater Lodge – founded in 1915
  13. 150 feet
  14. Sigurd Olson
  15. Height of Land Portage
  16. 1964
  17. Gray Jay
  18. July 4, 1999
  19. True
  20. Stand-up paddle boards


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