How many miles is 22,616 rods?

Don’t bother getting out your calculator, it’s about 70 miles. It’s also the length of portage trails that volunteers brushed and cleared this year through the Superior Wilderness Volunteer Connection program.

For the last several years, the Friends has partnered with the Superior National Forest and REI to administer this program that connects volunteers who want to give back to the wilderness with opportunities and training. Since wilderness work is challenging and the tools are somewhat specialized (2-person cross cut saws, for example), a formal program like this one is essential.

In 2014, volunteers working through the Superior Wilderness Volunteer did an amazing amount of work to maintain portages and campsites in the BWCA.

10624766_10152443169017724_2013686901144702248_nBy the numbers, Superior Wilderness Volunteers….

  • Spent 402 days in the field
  • Cleared 48 miles of hiking / ski trails
  • Brushed and cleared 22,616 rods of portage trails
  • Maintained 614 campsites
  • Dug 88 latrines for those campsites
  • Cleared 493 hazard trees in campsites

As you can see, volunteers are incredibly important to maintaining the parts of the BWCA that you might encounter as a visitor. Thanks to them for all of their hard work, and thanks to our partners, REI and Superior National Forest for partnering with us.

(Photo credit: Wilderness Volunteers)

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