AT&T announces plan to tear down 450-foot jumbo cell tower

Just in case anybody is confused, this post was published on April 1st, 2013. To see our official reaction to the erection of the AT&T mega-tower go here.

In response to the City of Ely’s ban on social media, AT&T announced plans this morning to tear down a 450 foot tall cell phone tower it just finished erecting on the Fernberg Road outside of Ely.

A clearly frustrated spokesman for AT&T sent out a series of tweets this morning expressing bewilderment about the announcement that Ely was banning social media and was considering a ban on all electronic devices.

City of Ely bans social media? But we just got done building a 400 foot cell tower! This is worse than Bloomberg banning Big Gulps!

— ATTEly (@ATTOpsEly) April 1, 2013

That’s it, if Ely wants to ban electronic devices, we’re tearing the tower down. I can’t believe this.

— ATTEly (@ATTOpsEly) April 1, 2013

All of this non-electronic fun in the wilderness will really hurt the bottom line. Thanks a lot, Ely.

— ATTEly (@ATTOpsEly) April 1, 2013

Unnamed sources in Ely tell us that it will be at least a day or so before someone from the city responds to AT&T’s decision. Not only will it take time to draft a letter on stationery, it will be a couple of days before the mail reaches AT&T’s offices.

Happy April 1st!

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    2 comments to AT&T announces plan to tear down 450-foot jumbo cell tower

    • Joanne Nordin

      Been to Ely before all this electronic stuff was ever invented. Got along fine without it then and can get along fine with out it now. What ever happened to getting away from it all? Its about time Ely got some kahunas and put a stop to all.

    • Cathy Ott

      I agree, it will hurt the bottom line. So many of us keep up with Ely through social media. What will the summer residents and all of those
      tourists think! You don’t have to take your devices into the BWCA or any of the wilderness areas. It’s a choice.

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